The Settling Scores Tournament ($160 total prizepool, 1v1)


The tea-baguette alliance is over, I call for the next hundred years war ! @grimplex you shall die for your sins !!!


I would pay to see Aurico and Grimplex to see if the master has surpassed the student.

FAF = Femboy Alliance Forever


Is grim the master?


This is public humiliation

The embodiment of depression...


The only humiliation will be when your ACU will explose repeatingly on the 2nd of October !


This tournament is ratingists! (This is a joke please no take this seriously). Good luck friend!

I’m a shitty 1k Global. Any balance or gameplay suggestions should be understood or taken as such.

Project Head and current Owner/Manager of SCTA Project


Hm... Interesting tourney... it's a time to revenge on someone
@Swkoll hey, you! Give my points back! : D


@Tagada sure


@inspektor_kot Sorry, I called dibs already!


@CaptainKlutz Can you approve me vs Turbo?


Hey @Tagada, sorry for the delay, was trying to get the map list ready in preparation.

Pairing 4: Swkoll vs Archsimkat
Pairing 5: Aurico vs Grimplex
Pairing 6: Tagada vs Turbo2

The map pool has been updated: All maps except Pockmarked Plains are now uploaded on the vault (some of them still in WIP form). Plains will be replaced by Festea VII. Maps like Desolation and Mangrove Delta are receiving a lot of updates to make them friendlier for 1v1; I'll post an update on my Emporium with more details during the week.
Final map pool

Reminder that if you have a specific preferred time to answer on the survey here, otherwise I will assign a time to you . Oct 3 is just a backup date in case of schedule clash.


I've got a trip on Saturday so I would really like to be able to play on Sunday if possible. I am waiting on Turbo's response for now.


EnochRev if you want revenge, come at me.

You Salty Aeon


Preliminary schedule:

Saturday 02 October
First match start time | Players
13:00 UTC (15:00 CEST, 9:00 EST) | @Swkoll vs @archsimkat
14:00 UTC | @JaggedAppliance vs @Tex
15:00 UTC | @Auricocorico vs @grimplex
16:00 UTC | @EspinoTorreto vs @TheWheelie
17:00 UTC | @Jip vs @Javi
18:00 UTC | Free slot 1

Sunday 03 October
First match start time | Players
15:00 UTC | Backup slot 1
16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST, 12:00 EST) | @Tagada vs @TURBO2
17:00 UTC | Backup slot 2

Players, please let me know if the proposed times above are good for you, either by upvoting this, replying or through DM on here or on discord (RektTangle/CaptainKlutz#8080). If you'd prefer a different time or have a schedule clash, we will work something out.

On the day, if someone gets crushed and loses 0-3, then you may be called to start playing earlier. There's no time limit for the Bo7 so it's likely there will be overlapping games throughout the day.

Jip and I will be casting and analysing the maps on Saturday. No FAFLive caster has dedicated themselves yet but some have expressed interest.

If you haven't signed up yet, this is your last chance to challenge someone! $40 are still up for grabs!


Can I get bumped to 14:00 UTC, with a second choice of 13:00 UTC? I have some obligations in the afternoon I want to be able to get to.


@Auricocorico @grimplex would you be ok with swapping slots with Tex + Jagged?


Sure no problem


Okay, then I'll update the timetable to reflect that