Not Okay. Line Crossed.


The code of conduct is pretty bad. I want to be able to dislike and discriminate against whoever I want for any reason I want.


The FAF privacy statement still applies:

The consent request from the forum is part of the software we use because the law has gone crazy worldwide. NodeBB can send you summaries and reminders and stuff via email for which it needs this consent. By default setting it does not. We can't disable the consent screen.

The CoC is a broader guideline on the behaviour we want to pursue especially among contributors - this was not really covered by the moderation rules. If you didn't have conflict with moderation so far and you're just playing this shouldn't impose any new rules on you.

We did not introduce it to impose political correctness. We introduced it due to internal conflicts in FAF where the previous rules just did not work out and we needed something more general.
Eventually I don't care if you're a white male cis, a transsexual dolphin, or an asexual black Nazi. As long as you don't force your political agenda on other users and respect general etiquette we'll be fine.


Adding to the GDPR thing. You are posting in this forum using a username chosen by you.
This is personally identifying data.
There is no legal way for FAF to show your post to other people on the internet without collecting your permission. (send your complaints to the the european parliament)

Unless you randomize usernames and prohibit people from using free text fields, you can basically not not collect personal data, for which you need people's permission.

This ks actually quite tricky, even my small scripts that present users with a website that remembers them based on IP have to get their consent for GDPR.

In the case of FAF, FAF doesn't collect your data, it doesn't use third party analytics, it doesn't track you or ship advertisements. It actually tells you what exactly is collected in the consent form (see also FAF privacy policy, email for spam prevention, pw reset and contact, username for, well, that should be obvious).

So be happy that you have that control over your data, and if you desire, not to share your username with FAF, then that's your right and you can simply not post here.


@gamb1t said in Not Okay. Line Crossed.:

"We want your data" schick that tries to justify itself as being benign.

You did read through that image right?

It’s basically telling you: “hey we need to store your email and your username for the forum to function”

You’re now saying “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE” like you’ve just seen a duckduckgo advertisement for the first time.

About the CoC, I was one of the people who originally pushed for it to exist. I’m definitely no left winger by any means. I asked for it to happen to keep an unknown, inexperienced FAF Association board from potentially abusing the system to do harm. FtX and I saw countless loopholes and tried endlessly to fix it.

It’s cool to call out abuse or other shit that appears tyrannical. But you look like you watched a single video critic on YouTube and decided to emulate his entire personality. Simmer down.


@gamb1t said in Not Okay. Line Crossed.:

logged in today to the forum to post an issue with FAF game client login and immediately after logging in, I was plastered with one of those typical "We want your data" schick that tries to justify itself as being benign.
This is not acceptable and I never thought I would see this type of behavior from a gaming community. I neither want to be inundated with spam email from FAF nor do I want my personal information being collected. We know that big tech companies do this to sell our information to third parties but at least they give us the option to disable that data collection.
With FAF? I couldn't even get into the forum without accepting and submitting to "consenting" to this personal data collection.
This crossed a line.

FAF is going to sell your data to the Silicon Valley Big Tech Cabal because you need an email address to make an account 😰


Bye Gambit.

To everyone else, looks like the new improved code of conduct has already removed one toxic player, nice work !


Not really sure what you are expecting when this lobby is heading more corporate by the day. As the long term aims is to turn this community into a commercial product. Why do you think there have been so many attempts to buy the IP from Square Enix?

Life was better under ZeP at leas then it was still 100% a passion project.

Besides the moderation team politics probably reflect your local student union. Just look at Gorton's reddit.

This game enforces a zero tolerance policy for "insert generic lefty term such as racist, bigot, transphobe here". Unless, possibly if you are Russian and talking in Russian, because the russian community is insulated. Or if you are friends of certain people.

If you wanna go to someone's how you gotta follow the houses' rulse. Don't complain when the house kicks you out for disobeying them.

@arma473 Requiring positive action from another party is innately political no matter how great the motivation is. I could give you innumerable examples.

Anyway, that form is just general data compliance. Its poorly written, but it is clear enought o explain it just wants to store and process whatever information you provide. Maybe from a user standpoint it'd be better if it had an explicit statement saying it will not be processed by third parties or sold or what not.

Nice bait though.


The overall work in this project from all collaborators goes into the 50.000 hours plus and not a single person has personally benefitted from it from FAF money. Some people make money from casting, but that is not affiliated with FAF.

But yeah just relax, consume and don't value other peoples work. That makes life easier indeed.


@Broken "Requiring positive action from another party is innately political no matter how great the motivation is"

What positive action is being required? How has the empathy requirement been operationalized to require any positive action from you?

"the long term aims is to turn this community into a commercial product. Why do you think there have been so many attempts to buy the IP from Square Enix?"

Who is dumb enough to think they could make a profit by buying this IP? What would the business plan be? Everyone who already owns FA already has a copy and FAF is open-source, if the FAF admins tried to force people to buy a new copy of the game, anyone could fork the FAF project and make their own free server. Current FAF users wouldn't have to buy the game again. Even if you could sell 30,000 new copies at $30 each, that's only $900k. And that's extremely optimistic about the number of copies that could be sold and the sale price for a game that's around 15 years old. Just to buy the IP probably costs at least 1 million, probably more (if squenix was even open to selling) and you'd need to spend money to improve the game before you could get away with selling it for more than $10.


i guess whoever wanted to meme has done their job,locking that nonsense.