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Mangrove Delta and Frozen Firefight are some of my favorite maps in the TMM map pool. Thanks for making these awesome creations!

My only tiny suggestion of improvement: I find it often hard to read which parts of the map are passable, and which ones aren't (I hate Adaptive Moon for this reason). Frozen Firefight suffers a similar issue with a hill-like looking texture on one of the islands. It can be seen in the top left of this image:

Frozen Firefight

To me, this visually looks like a mountain, particularly when only glossed over from a top-down perspective in the heat of a hectic battle. It doesn't help that the actual mountains on this map have the same color theme as this spot. However, contrary to the visual communication, this area is transversable by units. I think I'm not the only one who is confused, as I observe many players circumventing/avoiding this spot with their raids.

Maybe the communication could be improved by making it a wind-blown snow hill texture instead? Or alternatively, make it a proper mountain.


@xayo you will hopefully be happy to hear that after feedback from you, Morax, and the rest of the matchmaker team, I've changed the lighting and one of the textures on Frozen Firefight to better represent the pathability of the terrain.


This ice cracks look cool as ice.


February 2022 update

New content:

Turmoil Lake

Commissioned by Dragun. A remix of the SCTA map, Trout Farm. 10x10 hyper reclaim FFA or 1v1.

Arrakeen Skirmish

Based on Dune. Fight over the city of Arrakeen to secure the spice fields. 10x10 hyper reclaim teamgame map (up to 6v6).

Caladan Crosswaters

Based on Dune. The rugged highlands of Caladan form towering cliffs where they meet the sea. 20x20 teamgame (up to 6v6) or FFA map.

Twisted Isles

Commissioned by Yudi. The salty volcanic spring waters keep the twisted isles thawed. 20x20 naval 2v2.


The sequel to Floralis. 15x15 teamgame map (up to 4v4).


Great work Captain 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned



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More good maps from Captain Klutz!


I realy enjoy playing on your maps. Thanks a lot.


And now for something a little different for those who want a little glimpse into what goes into these maps:


New map

Forlorn Fjords

A remix of Canis River. Theme idea by Blackyps. Fight over the thawing Sirenukall River, using its ice dams and rugged mountains to your tactical advantage. 15x15 teamgame map (up to 4v4).


And now for something completely different: Racketeer Ridge, an unranked, uneven map. I've heard people ask for more maps for AI games, and this is just the start of my answer to them. You can expect more medium-effort uneven maps in the future.


Could you show the marker layout too?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


@jip said in Klutz's Map Emporium:

Could you show the marker layout too?

Of course, here's the markers of the amphibious type. The land markers are almost identical and the air markers are just a uniform grid.

I found adding defense markers to each expansion made RngAI take them much more seriously.

alt text


Archsimkat approached me and asked if I could make a map similar to a randomly generated one.

I accepted, and this is the result.

Adaptive Pillars of Sand

A remix of a Mapgen map from replay #16736685. 15km x 15km, supports up to 6v6, all slots have adaptive mexes. ~60k reclaim.


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