beating a dead horse - Area Commands


@arma473 oh look, i found a link:

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I feel like TA based macro RTS is supposed to embrace a UI that allows the player to do as much as possible in terms of simultaneous unit control. Additionally, I feel like factory attack move is almost always the optimal play when possible, and if not, normal attack move. You almost never see manual rock reclaim past the very earliest stages of the game.

Things like dragging an area to build mexes in, line move orders, etc. are sorely missed coming from games like PA, BAR, and Zero-K. My understanding is the only reasons FAF lacks those things are technical reasons. The only thing FAF has that these other games don't is being able to drag and drop already placed orders, which is admittedly useful.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


FAF lacks them because it doesn’t want to implement them.


That's not entirely true. A huge problem is that the engine doesn't really support them, so we would need ugly hacks that cause performance problems to implement them, if at all possible.


@BlackYps LOUD has some something in this regard haven’t reallt looked into how admittedly

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