Something something new caster.


Thanks, I hate it.

Anyway why is this so hard to get hang of 😞

But hey, at least after the second cast I realized that I should slow down with the pace and instead of trying to force a play by play should try to opt into color casting.

Anyway here is the cast numero zwei: FaF Cast - 2 - The Fall Invitational Qualifier - Yudi vs ThomasHiatt on Ganges Chasma


Great tone & attitude! I like the style, good stuff!


So I kinda forgot I made the topic lol.
But worry not, here is cast from last LoTS with F-odin vs Archsimkat
And as to why I didn't upload more in the past days, well I have second flare up of flu and kinda end up pretty weak in no time if I try to do something taxing.

But worry not, got some ok'ish setons stored away for casting.


Love your casts but these games are painful for me to relive!


I again forgot I have this thingy here...
Anyway Setons Cluth is here -
And certain Lost Paradise game is here -

Worry not arch, made sure to avoid watching replays featuring you in the past week 😄


Kababom a wild yet bad cast appears - 6v6 on Point of Reach. The white and pink bruddas!


One of the best casters, love every one.

Your accent is awesome, perfect

Your account of what's happening and if good or bad idea

The last cast was some exceptional gameplay on both sides


Sad caster noises:
Bases? What bases?
alt text
Like somebody should teach me how to speak "Igirisu".

Thumbnail by courtesy of Javi<3


What a game lol
Thanks for the cast.


Avarage Joes Strike back
I'm still fucking bad at it, I even forgot to mute the phone during recording thinking that nobody will call me at 8am.

Also any one have name ideas for that piss yellow color, I should stop calling it that even though it reminds me of crispy.


Always thought it looked like the color avocados turn when you let it interact with air.




I watched some casts, I really like it. Especially the nice attitude overall. +1 sub from me.

May I add the suggestion to get the mod 'advanced mini map' to remove the unnecessary thick border from the minimap?


Favorite caster so far, I wonder if you could play the game with comments would be entertaining as well.

I would also recommend turning on extra unit data (shields and Regen) I can't stand when that's off. I also appreciate when the reclaim info mod is on so I can see how much reclaim is on the map.


Thanks for the critique guys. I will be sure to go and check them out, the mods I mean. Cuz what you see now is literally my gaming setup which is a whooping amount of 3 ui mods one being SSB and second one being Emojis XD.
The stats thing is also a good idea, though I was sure I had it on. At least back then when I was still actively playing. I assume the config got borked in one of the update's.

As for PoV gameplay, who knows. Maybe I will actually play a game or two in next century lol.