Black Ops Mod development, upgrading to latest version.


As the title suggests, the only Blackops download in the vault identifies as V1 and seems to be outdated, you can't activate it in-game. The copies I saved are V16 but also seem to be outdated, as I get the "Upgrade to latest version" error when I try to activate it in game.

Therefore, I pose the question, how difficult would it be for me to make the last known working version compatible with FAF? Any modders want to weigh in? I noticed the official mod stopped being updated on FAF long ago, I don;t know the story behind it.


You first need permission from the M&M councilor in order to take up / patching up the work of others. @Morax is the current councilor.

I don't have time to assist you with the matter, sadly


As Far as im aware only IceDreamer and Uveso are aloud to Update the blackops mods


Yes, you cannot simply take someone else's work without getting their permission. Please inquire about that, and if you cannot find the original author (which is likely the case for BlackOps), then you need to talk to the Maps and Mods council.


@Uveso Are some them not uploaded to vault?

Edit: Most of them are Expect Total Mayhem v1.37. Shame that one cant be uploaded idk if @Brutus5000 ever looked at fixing that upload problem


Brutus was looking in to the total mayhem upload the other day

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