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Will replay IDs be posted as the games happen and/or will games need to have a specific title so they can be easily located in the vault? Eg as there’ll be a few days between losers round 4 and the final day if any issues come up in that time for M27 there’s a chance I could do something to fix them ahead of the final


I think the client will auto download the ai version the replay was done unde; the only way for a new version to be backwards compatible would be if the changes made had no impact so I dont think it’d be practical

@fearghal said in RCV ~ Masters of AI Tournament Dev:

Would be nice if newer versions of AI's were backward compatible and able to show/replay
older version games.

Not possible.
As soon as you change any sim command you will change the sim checksum and cause a desync with the replay.

Would say it's generally bad form to do smth like update AI in the middle of a tournament. If people experimented and found things to exploit in certain scenarios, they could at least be given the opportunity to get the boons for their efforts.

Kind of like releasing a balance patch in the middle of a major tournament.


Updated the Header and the first few posts to be pertinent to the upcoming RCVII.

Deleted many posts relating to the last 2 RC's, so...
many of the comments by others, map appear out of context, to
this upcoming tournament.

Will start posting updates and maps on this forum in next few days.

Any questions about the upcoming Tournament are welcome below.
Thanks for feedback.