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Hi All,
The "Rainbow Cup V" - 3 v 3 v AI Tournament
is scheduled for Sept 24th/25th, and Oct 1st 2022,
The tournament will be a similar format to the RCIII + IV,

Each map will have anywhere from 2 to 4 AI,
there will be 27 maps.

Below are the 7 AI's that will be participating in RCV:

AI: DilliDalli
SCTA Fix and Balance
Sorian AI edit and

I would like for this post thread to be a place to discuss the
playability of the maps.

Most AI's will play on 3 maps, all within the same bracket of tourney.


Post #2: Game Maps

RCVMaps.jpg*L,W,A+I = Land, Water, Air and Islands.

Map pool :
Any one feel free to test their AI's on any of the below maps and
see if they behave relatively strong and proper,
expand equally outwards towards enemy and eco similarly,
and also make sure the ACU's perform well on the map.



Post #3: Substitute map pool :

Thunb nails of all maps in the map pool:


Post #4: Map/Scenario Lobbies:

I have been play/testing the maps with M27 set as the Team Players Standard and set at 1.0x
I then set the actual game AI mod to a cheat factor that will be set high enough to stand vs M27 for 25 minutes.
ie: First game in tourny is AI-Swarm, on -Adaptive Tournament Decision, and
with Swarm set to 1.3x vs M27 1.0x, it was able to last for 29 mins (when M27's Fattie arrived),
so the game condition will have the Swarm AIx set to 1.3x on this map.

AI's that are now assigned water maps that don't play them well will have them substituted for a land map.

Here's how the map scenario"s will be presented:

Maps will be uploaded to the main RCV tourny thread here:
Check out this thread to see all the AI positional and AIx factor details.
Remember though, that AI positions and AIx factors may or may not have changes
done on day before actual tournamet.
(but... Expect them to either have an additional 2 AI's added to each, or an increase of the AIx by at least a 0.1x factor 🙂


I'll enter DilliDalli and get it to support the nomads faction in the next update (in the next week or so).



What kind of players are you looking for? I played in the computer cup earlier this year and found it to be quite fun-if this is similar then I would love to play here as well


Lily Pads is a 3 team map. You can put the AIs on the smaller islands.


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points for lots based on a teamgame tourney with ai lol


LotS is a 1v1 tournament meant to pick out the best player of the year, this is a teamgame tournament that isn't even between just 2 teams. You might as well as give out LotS points for winning a 16 player Claustrophobia FFA, in fact that one would probably be more relevant to LotS since at least it's 1 person teams.


@ftxcommando Thanks ftx, That makes sense. Will scratch that request.


@Fearghal Please also get in contact with the Promotions team so we can see what we can do to promote it in the new year after LotS

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@rowey Thanks Rowey,
It's early now, but it takes a lot of time to set up, and map balance.
Last year I rushed it, and want to do it better this year.
I will Definitely get in touch with the promotions team right after the Lots Tourny!


@Fearghal with it beeing a few months out if you like we can post a Tournamet trailer to the faf YouTube as a mean of promotion if you know somone who or if somone is willing to put one together with your input 😄

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock


@fearghal Yes please! I would be more than happy to create banners, stream overlays and possibly a trailer for the tournament! Just reach out to me (and the promotions team) after LoTS!

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