RCIV - Pre tournament AI Dev.


Hi All,
The "Rainbow Cup IV" - 3 v 3 v SpaceNet Tournament will be scheduled for one weekend in Feb 2022,
(RCIII was Feb, 2021)
The idea is for very similar format, as the RCIII

BUT ..

The AI factions will be pre-chosen,
(like the Computer Cup).

The concept is after Terminators "SkyNet"
The sequel AI battle 1,000 years later would be: "SpaceNet"

This years colors are as follows:
With the AI all Green this year.
The Top 3 AI's from the Computer Cup and Uveso are gong to be in the Tournament.

Each map will have anywhere from 2 to 4 AI,
and may be a mix of AI or the same.

Below are the AI's that will be participating in RCIV:


I would like for this post thread to be a place to discuss the playability of the maps.
And to have all AI's working properly together,
(Like as in RCIII - Great job!)
Discord is also fine.


Tournament Rules:
The tourny rules will be almost identical to RCIII.
You can read the rules and view maps from the RCIII tourny below.

The main difference will be:
AI Factions will be pre-chosen,
instead of allowing players to choose.


AI observations and wish list:

AI in General:

Very active dev, constantly updating and improving his AI,
Check for updates often,
Strong well balanced AI


Well microed ACU and Air
Good Eco, well balanced, Rush and Adaptive do what they say.
Uses 'full share' in team games very well.


Favored maps: 10x and 20x Land=Good expansion to map edges.
I haven't tested water yet.

Good: Game speed, expansion, pressure, and
'full share' transfer of units.

favored maps: All

Great "All Around" well balanced "Human Like" AI

Wish List

Game Speed to be minimally effected by average end game unit counts.
DilliDalli gets an A+ for running at +4 game speed at end of game with
8 AI armies at 45 min mark with many game units onboard.

For all AI to fully utilize Team Games "Full Share" option.
As of now only DilliDalli and Uveso take "Full" advantage of mobile units, engineers, gifted bases and factories.
This is a big advantage in team games.


Map pool:
Many of the maps will be the same as in the RCIII,
and laid out the same way.
see here: https:

Maps that did Not play well will be changed out.
ie: No more Map #7 - Twin Rivers.
More maps will have AI with No multipliers.
Maps with Multipliers will be lower than RCIII,
as the AI has gotten better with many new version releases.

Am always on lookout for good 3 v 3 v AI maps,
submit any for consideration please.


I'll enter DilliDalli and get it to support the nomads faction in the next update (in the next week or so).



What kind of players are you looking for? I played in the computer cup earlier this year and found it to be quite fun-if this is similar then I would love to play here as well


Hi Major,
This tourny will be similar to the RainbowCup III.
See here: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/858/rainbow-cup-iii-3-v-3-1-2k
It is a 3v3 with AI on map as an added adversary against both teams.
There will be 12 teams of 3,
and the 12 highest rated players who enter will be captains and
pick teams thru a draft type selection.
See Post #2 of the above link, for the teams that were selected in RCIII:
The players ratings ranged from 2K+ to 1300.
We had 12 teams with avg. combined rating of ~ 5.8K.


There are not many 3 team maps in the vault.
(specifically 9 or 12 player)
Search 9 player and see what I mean.
I am looking for a 20 x 20 Finals map,
and any other 10x or 20x maps for the tournament.

In RCIII All maps were standard 2 team maps,
where I inserted the AI on side slots.
Except the Finals Game #1 map,
was the 12 player version of 'Dark Heart' = 'Dark Liver'.
(the only 3 way map worthy as a highlight game)

It's a nice 20 x 20 but:
it is Not Isometric about the AI base vertical x-axis.
Another problem was: it being a water map,
was not the best kind of map (small land area and island play)
for a good AI showing.

This is how I presented the Game in RCIII:

Match 22 > Game 1
Finals - Game 1 Map - Will be Adaptive Dark Liver
22 Adaptive Dark Liver.jpg

What I need Help with is:
Finding Maps for RCIV and/or
Having a map/s developed for 9/12 player finals game,
That will work good with AI. -
This would effectively be a whole new map category -
3 v 3 v AI

An ideal 3 v 3 v AI Finals Map might be
a 20 x 20 built Isometric about the AI base,
(or 3 way symmetrical 120 degree sections, which would be good 3-way human play too - And FAF needs more of these.)

Water should be in/near center,
and be AI friendly = not have small ponds and/or constricted water ways near base to cause pointless naval base builds.
10 x 10 maps also welcome for the Tournament too!
Built in "strong" Civilian bases would be cool. (built on opposite side of AI base)
(color them Green to Match this years AI colors)

Another way to create maps that would work with the desired format is to:
"Mirror" already designed maps.
One map #14 used in RCIII was a mirrored version of Selkie,
and is a great map for the AI. It will be used again this year but
with 4 AI instead of only 2 in RCIII.
Here is how "Selkie Mirror" showed in the last Tourny:
14 Selkie Mirror.jpg

So if you have a map that you think would play well mirrored,
that you think would work well with an AI position -
Send it in!
Any one who can submit some good maps would be greatly appreciated.


Lily Pads is a 3 team map. You can put the AIs on the smaller islands.


A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


Yes I thought of that one previously,

Lily Pads has very little land for the AI, if it only took the small islands.
The AI is not the best on water maps,
and if the AI took the 3 small islands, the
players would have to "split/share" One island that is not symmetrical.

Would like maps like - map #14 = Selkie Mirror.
A map where I can use either 3 or 4 AI,
and where the 'AI no multiplier' has a chance ..
Therefore a map like Selkie Mirror above where the AI can
easily keep land and build eco.
Basically a map that would be a dream scenario for the AI with its state of play today,
with good pathing, slope/elevation changes,
but not so unbalanced where there is triple the reclaim nearby.


points for lots based on a teamgame tourney with ai lol


LotS is a 1v1 tournament meant to pick out the best player of the year, this is a teamgame tournament that isn't even between just 2 teams. You might as well as give out LotS points for winning a 16 player Claustrophobia FFA, in fact that one would probably be more relevant to LotS since at least it's 1 person teams.


@ftxcommando Thanks ftx, That makes sense. Will scratch that request.


@Fearghal Please also get in contact with the Promotions team so we can see what we can do to promote it in the new year after LotS

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock


@rowey Thanks Rowey,
It's early now, but it takes a lot of time to set up, and map balance.
Last year I rushed it, and want to do it better this year.
I will Definitely get in touch with the promotions team right after the Lots Tourny!


@Fearghal with it beeing a few months out if you like we can post a Tournamet trailer to the faf YouTube as a mean of promotion if you know somone who or if somone is willing to put one together with your input 😄

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock


@fearghal Yes please! I would be more than happy to create banners, stream overlays and possibly a trailer for the tournament! Just reach out to me (and the promotions team) after LoTS!

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