Versions 1.1.9 and 1.2.0 wont launch (I am using windows 10)

New player trying to launch the newest version of the FAF client. Downloaded off of the main site and went back and tried installing 1.1.9. Both of them have the same issue as the loading screen starts when shortcut is launched but then nothing happens. This is what comes up, I get no errors but when I click on it I get a not responding message and then I have to close it.

Thanks for any help! FAF error.JPG

This guy seems to have the same problem, keep an eye on this thread: LoadingScreenIssue

What about deleting the client.prefs file
%USER_HOME/AppData/Roaming/Forged Alliance Forever/client.prefs


Even better make a copy of it and send it to me before u delete it so maybe I can find out if i can reproduce if with your file. One thing tho, if you have the remember me button on your pref file contains your encrypted password. Maybe delte that. Just open the file in text editor it say password: "IDAZHDOO" somewhere replace that with XXXXXX