"What will you do if you lose the election" and 5 Questions for FTX


Per my final post in the council debate thread (aka Hell on Earth) I would like to discuss what I will be doing should I lose the election, and ask 5 questions to FTX. The questions were going to be what is discussed in a live, voice debate, which unfortunately never happened.

What will you do if if you lose:

  1. First and foremost, mapping is and will always be one of my favorite contributions. I need to write a "Morax's Maps" post in the new message board similar to the old: https://forums.faforever.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=13090 .

I plan to make A LOT of TMM-relevant maps like Adaptive Crateria that uses a 20x20 map size but with a 15x15 "gameplay area."

As part of this, I will offer any help / review of maps to help new and experienced mappers learn the tools.

  1. I will be helping run and advise for TMM and Average Joe-related events per this thread: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/1733/annual-tournament-proposal-in-reply-to-swkoll

  2. Support the board/association with any advice/requests they deem helpful (vague I know, but why not help this?)

  3. Avatar creation for events(a rare art for FAF)

  4. Not official, but I do train people or help out in learning how the community functions, how to play the game, and who to talk to about concerns.

5 Questions for FTX:

  1. Over the next year you will be graduating from university and getting a job. In current, you have tasked yourself with so much time for the Player Council role and irl commitments, how will you be able to handle the workload of what you have worked to define when faced with real-world job duties?

  2. It has become very obvious that you have been engaged in some rather intense discussions among current council members and the idea of the association/board. How will you handle yourself should the council, board/association deny you funding for events or other desires?

  3. Why do you play the game so little yet work so hard on it? If you were not PC, would you play it frequently again or move on?

  4. FAF Live brought together viewership and has begun to bring in some fresh cash for the community. It was stated that you hope to engage in some sponsorship utilizing this entity. Can you give an idea of what is up and coming? The most recent word is that the FAF Live account makes money off a few Amazon Prime Membership subscriptions. Are there any real sponsors in current or just some generous members?

  5. Have you ever donated your own money to a FAF event? Why or why not?


@morax said in "What will you do if you lose the election" and 5 Questions for FTX:

  1. Have you ever donated your own money to a FAF event? Why or why not?

No comment on the rest but why do we care if a college student is donating money to FAF? Hell why would we care if anyone, college student or not, is donating money to FAF when they clearly put time into it? For all we know he’s broke as hell, and if you know he’s not it’s still kind of a strange question if he’s putting a lot of time in anyway imo.


Suppose that’s a fair point. The intention was to find out if he has experience watching an investment lose out hard , but you are right in that it’s not really a good question for the election.

That is for another matter...


I’m going away for the weekend so I don’t intend to answer any of this until like Tuesday or Wednesday.


Question 5 was not nearly specific enough, nor provided enough information so here it goes:

  1. Recently I made a post requesting efforts to support and fund events other than high-level 1v1 here. It gives the impression that if you had control of FAF funds you would for the most part bias funding for these, yet I am curious: what will you do for other sectors of FAF? This is a tough questions as Penguin, yourself, and I do not know what the board will allow for dividing up the funds, but can you estimate how much you would use of the FAF patreon for such purposes? The reason you were asked about personal investment is that there is a big difference between someone funding something (FAF, irl, etc) with other peoples' money verse their own. Can you explain all the expenses for FAF and whether or not your desire for funding events will not eclipse other needs? Perhaps there is some software the devs could use which would enhance the experience which might eat into a large amount for tournaments. For example, it is a slippery slope, but the idea of paying TDs has been tossed around. Maybe we should give some to trainers, devs, etc etc. This might reduce the funds for events, but it would show a lot more appreciation and give a community-wide boost. Also, let us say that you cannot get that much for events, how will you explain to the player base that actively engages in events with cash prizes this is no longer possible?