Well my post got trashed

I fully understand why, since the shitshow began again before i could stop it. Very well, here i am again asking for the drama to be kept out of the client, with the removal of archsimkat article.

And please, regardless of how you feel about this situation, please keep it out of this post, otherwise it will get locked again (and with good reason)

It has been removed - reload the news tab.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Yeah I thought Brutus took care of that

Oh, just saw it now. Good to hear!

Now we wait for the storm to pass

And as a last note: PLEASE keep this drama out of the client. Regardless of who or why, drama and politics should be kept to the forums. At best, the only thing of this nature that should be posted there is the election result.

There will be likely at the very least two more posts:

  • remind people of the fact that they can vote in the near future
  • remind people of the fact that they can vote on the day of the vote

And I agree that they should be objective with nothing attached.

edit: and a third one would be the results, as you mention.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Hey, I just want to let you know that we (the council) have heard your request to keep drama out of the client.

I would like to personally apologise for the unsightly display, and I agree with you that it should be left out.
But in my doing so, please realise that:

  • This was not a planned move by the council as a whole
  • We already think that drama should be kept away from the client

This was not an intentional move on our end but a mistake, and moves will be taken to ensure it doesn't happen again.

As for the election posts, Jip has guessed correctly:

  • A post will remind people that the election is happening and where to read up on applications
  • A post will appear showing the voting date, and will be updated when that vote date arrives to include a link to the voting API
  • A post will appear announcing the winner.

@biass Thats good to hear. Thank you for admiting the mistake, that shows that the council is willing to make an effort to improve, and thats good to see after this whole mess. I hope the council continues to do so over time.