Divide Ladder by map size


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I don't understand why you wouldn't host custom games, if you're not interested in the whole pool but just some of the maps.

Lobby's are sooo 2000

Even here on Discord I sometimes read "Lobby Simulator"

I also like to point to how Dungeon Finder in World of Warcraft absorbed 95+% of all dungeon party formation. People just like clicking to join a game and be done.


Make 15km the official 4th category.


Im about 800 ladder rank; sometimes the maps are ok but often i feel like i end up with a map ive seen played as a 3v3+ outside matchmaker (and the majority of maps ive found too large).

I do periodically host 1v1s on smaller maps but the main problems with this are:
-poor matchups as global rating is a poor guide to 1v1 skill (eg I’m around 1500 global)
-often fighting the same person multiple times (although it works out ok when you’re similar in skill)

A veto system while not solving the issue would at least increase the % of maps that are fun to play on, hence making matchmaker more attractive as an option

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No love for my favorite map size 1.25 x 1.25


@thewheelie Yes there is:

On topic: a veto system would be quite interesting!

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


I definitely like the idea of the veto system, there is usually at least a map or two in each pool that I'd rather not play, but a rating per map size feels excessive and I am not sure it's a good idea to let people blanket veto entire map sizes.


Would some kind of a pick system not be more inviting or rewarding? Each player can pick 1 map that is their "map pick". Every 5th game you play, your "map pick" is played unless your opponent is also due in which case coin flip. There is a counter on your screen "2 more games to play your map pick".

This also allows players to help out individual map makers by picking their maps and thus helping people experience it.

On average, 2 out of 5 games will be player picks, 3 map pool.

Some basic limitations should apply like the map should have 3 unique reviews for example. Also, picking a cheat map and showing knowledge off and using the cheat is bannable.


I would really like a 5x5 only matchmaking queue, both for quicker games and just because it would be fun. Sadly most of the people around my rating would probably not queue for it though.


i mostly like 20x20 maps, but i think if we will make different queues, nobody will join 20x20 or maybe even 10x10 matchmaking, so its like... meh

ladder idea - show your skill on different battlefields, so different queues will kill it in my opinion


100% agree with this need seperate ladder for map sizes

sometimes i dont want to sweat for 30-40 minutes on a 20x20 and just fancy a quick game for 10-15 mins

but you dont need a seperate rating system for each map size just an average rating over all, so if your really good at 5x5 but hate 20x20 it should even itself out and incentivize mixing it up a bit