1. The classic lower bound in the distribution of civ bases should be something like:
    The typical 2-4 pd (and maybe 2 aa) protecting some generic 50 mass buildings or some small reclaim piles.

That's like 1000-1500 mass.

The upper side is something like Syrtis Major with pgens, a gateway, and some t2 mexes. That's close to 12000-15000 mass.

  1. The gameplay function is always the priority. Doesn't mean that gives license to make totally stupid bases that have PD thrown around sporadically. No reason both of these shouldn't be considered.

  2. T1 defenses or T2 defenses that have no radar.


as Sheikah has already mentioned,i want to improve the amount of civs on map gen and maybe some mappers will find it useful or interesting,there is no designed map size/biome/reclaim preset.
different opinions would help build up a good preset balance for the player base.


T2 (or T3 in crazy map) artillery with no sight or radar near it... except a radar or a few structures near an expansion. You need to kill the sight or the artillery to claim the expansion.

  1. Artillery site is small but has some fluff, some vehicles to carry ammo, a few military looking structures - all with no or limited sight.
  2. Aesthetic part mostly, but a T2 arty is a good reclaim target that must be balanced.
  3. The defenses should be minor, I'd hate a single engineer to take this base on - but if the terrain renders the PD ineffective vs. tanks at max range then that would be great.
  1. regular xD
  2. I think there must be a lot of mass in them
  3. since there is a lot of mass in them, a lot of protection is needed

Some unguarded low number (maybe 2-4) of civilian buildings, maybe with some walls, would be nice. More for the asthetics than anything else.


@Sheikah can you draw decals alongside the civilian bases? If so, there's cool stuff you could do with aeon bases (like the princess' base in red flag).


You can make decal presets, export them from the GPG editor, merge them with the _script file as local variables and place them via code. I've got a script that places them as you'd see them in the GPG editor, since there is a weird offset.


seems like i need GPG editor as well then,i am going to surely take a look at the decals and then i can try importing some surely,there're some presets in the #mapgen-general,feel free to take a look the presets and pm the feedback or you can write it back on this forum page so I can gather more information.


@archsimkat it is possible. the only thing holding it back would be that I would need a separate file that describes where they should be placed relative to something else which at the moment I do not have an extractor for but could make one. also would just need to define a file format to handle it all properly


1 and 3 - Not higher than T1 level and no more than 3-4 buildings or structures (I would like to see something similar as on most of my maps where I used them)
2 - just for the sake of aesthetics


I would like to see a large compound, protected by ravagers and SAMs, with only t1 radar, and a duke in the middle. 20 landed interceptors.

If you can fly in, aggro the interceptors, and lead them to the enemy base, the civilians will have vision of potential targets, so the duke can start firing at them.

Also, there should be at least one non-seraphim quantum gateway so you have the opportunity to make RAS SACUs. Put it at a 90 degree angle just because you can.

  1. highly variable with a middle-ground in the ballpark of what is commonly found on mapgen maps atm
  2. both
  3. highly variable but mostly undefended or on the easier-to-take end of the spectrum (any type that doesn't prevent the player from reasonably playing is fine in theory though (ie: I'd probably avoid having a hostile mavor on the map at game start : P) - variety is the spice of life though : ))