Improve Mercy quality of life - turn radius and fuel

I vote for either removing fuel for them or making it regenerate. I doubt it would make them a lot more devastating. And calculating in your head their range based on fuel left is pain.

@lilmiss FAF doesnt spin around seton

The mercy is very hard to tune, it's either op or useless.

@Eternal that was a two year old post that you referred to 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip Oh 😄 I just noticed

How about we just remove the mercy B)

mercy is disgustingly strong

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

@rezy-noob This thread is about how fuel makes it painful to use them. I don't care if you nerf them, but making them player-friendly would be nice.

Remove fuel from the game

Remove fuel and mercies from the game. Fuel makes zero sense in a world where they magically transfer resources instantly across large distances and is an indirect buff to bombers on larger maps for no reason, I never see out of fuel bombers only inties and asf.

More on the topic, why make mercies more player friendly to use when they’re already one of the least player friendly things in the game to play against. They should be deleted or completely reworked like has been talked about in other threads that are more recent

@exselsior They are only strong when you forget that you are playing against Aeon and have no anti-air. Any anti-air kills them like flies, especially flak. And you can't even tank with gunships for them, as everything changes target to Mercies the moment they come in range. They also have 10 HP, you know, and they cost 300 mass.

I've seen some of the top players in faf die to mercies even though they had aa in their army because the aa was shooting inties or w/e. A unit that can kill you do to the slightest "error" or forces you to awkwardly play behind your aa in a way no other air unit does is not a good unit

@exselsior replay? Just nonsense not scouting properly and not having at least 1 intie on the fields

cost: 300/6k
HP: 10
Damage: 2400

cost: 420/8.4k
HP: 1000
Damage: 1250

I'd rather have my bomber cost a bit more, have 100 times more HP and deal half damage.

Using 1 gunship to jebait aa while mercies fly in isn’t a new tactic. I’ve also had my acu surrounded by t1 aa at the front and still mercied because all went for the scout and then turned around too slow to hit the mercies. Can’t give any recent replays cuz like 90% of players refuse to make them in high level games out of principle.

Torp bombers have the highest priority afaIk so you can actually build one of them so the AA shoots them.
Cybran basically can't push anymore once the first mercy enters the field.
T2 mobile flak (especially Aeon) tends to miss due to the broken hitbox of the mercy. That happened a lot. Why I can't link a replay rn? Cuz high ranks are human players and don't use them so you obvsly can't see the bug. Try it out yourself and see the t2 flak (in front of the ACU) smts doesn't even hit the mercy.


@Melanol had t1 aa, didn't do shit. If you keep t1 aa in front of acu then it just dies. Otherwise not a lot of replays because most high rated players don't build mercies like ftx and sladow said because they're human and merices are just bm to use

You can hard counter t1 aa and flak by just using a single gunship or intie to soak up some damage and to get the aa turrets to rotate the other way. Mercies will land almost all the time with that. Its even funnier when they are playing cybran.

Enjoy a mercy spectacular. Particular note is around 20minutes where static flak and sams are unable to shoot down mercies due to a combination of swifty distraction, slow projectile speed and reloading.

@unknow Mercying isnt hard at all. But defending it takes 100% attention.

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"