NVIDIA Performance Problem Update - April 2021 - 466.11


NVIDIA have released a patch (466.11) to fix the stuttering issues experienced in Supreme Commander:

[Supreme Commander/Supreme Commander 2]: The games experience low FPS. [3231218/3230880]


After you update to the 466.11 driver you should be able to disable the Nvidia fix mod and re-enable the NVIDIA Display Container LS service if you also disabled that service during your troubleshooting.

We would love to hear from you in this thread if this fixes the problem for you!

However, in my experience I still encounter some issues. I have narrowed it down to my dual monitor setup. Note, I do not play SupCom dual screened but rather I just have my desktop/discord on the second monitor. If I pull the monitor cable out of my second monitor during the game the stuttering disappears. I'd like to hear from other people with multiple monitors to see if they experience similar issues. The easiest way to notice it is to zoom in and out quick and repetitively whilst swinging your mouse cursor rapidly left and right with air units on screen.

Refer here to the original pinned Nvidia driver performance problem thread: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/779/nvidia-driver-performance-problem/


Nice sleuth work! I have installed, tested and confirm this works without the "nvidia fix" modification.

Excellent they paid attention to this for such a small audience.


I have 3080 card and although i dont play much, i just had a game vs the AI on dual screen and it was unplayable. everytime i moved the mouse the thing jerked all over. Same when i went single screen mode - with my second monitor just windows. I disabled my second monitor from the windows/display setup and then the game runs fine.
I have the latest nvidia driver (466.11) and tried both with and without the nvidia UI fix mod (it made no help to me at all).
Hope this info might help you confirm what you suspect


@xsdna Yeah that's the exact issue I face. I'm running GTX 1080 so it seems this problem is experienced over a few different generations of cards as well.


@xsdna I have been going back and forth with nvidia since I made this post. They may have come up with something that seems to alleviate the issue.

My main monitor was set to perform scaling on my GPU and my second was set to do it on the Display itself. I have checked the "Override the scaling mode set by games and programs" setting and set the second monitor to scale on the GPU. It appears to have solved the issue. I still get a slightly larger frame drop zooming in/out and moving the mouse frantically - but we're talking a 10 fps drop not a 100+ one.

Can you do the same and confirm this? The setting is in the NVIDIA Control Panel under Display, Adjust desktop size and position and then the scaling tab for all of your monitors.


I've done some more testing and this solved multi-monitor issues in a few games including SupCom, Rocket League.


Not sure what happened, but even with the latest driver I am now experiencing the issue again. I have not installed any new modifications, altered graphics settings, changed hardware, etc etc....

It’s really awful to the point where it feels like the game is -4 ...


I use Dule monitors on a GTX 1050 Ti OC, trying to run it on the latest update's the game starts off fine but it rappidly gets worse and worse till it is unplayable, and the only way i found to get rid of the lag was to compleatly shut down and restart the pc, or the easyer option I found was rolling back the driver to 457.51 witch sadly is old but I have had no lag/shudder issues since.