Matchmaker Rotation/System Comments

Just had a ladder match in cobalt valley... wtf?

New pool isn’t pushed yet, I need to wait for a server admin to put in the new pool after giving them the new maps.

I'd like more 20x20 laddermaps
Is it possible to add more 20x20 or to make 1800+ maps accessable earlier?

Actually I decreased the 20x20 maps in the 1800+ pool because I had several people want less 20x20s in that bracket. I also do not plan on making it more accessible as I have no reason to adjust the current rating brackets (already stretching the ability of top players in 1800+ being able to interact with those just barely in their group) and I also do not want 1300s to be playing maps like Seton's Clutch or Kusoge.

Looks like I have to rush to 1800 then xDD

Me 2. Someone here who wants to boost me to 1.8k+ so I can enjoy a bit more 20x20 gameplay against the 5 active players in that range?

I can boost u

Is it possibel to downtick and uptick maps in your client so you have more chance of getting your favourite maps and less chance of getting the maps you don't enjoy playing?

No that is not something that is implemented.

Would you be interested in someone implementing it...? Do you thkn it would be a good thing?

Sure but I’d rather have a veto system instead. Would require code both server side and more importantly, code client side. If someone is interested in doing it they can pm me and I’ll work out a general plan with them and then point them towards devs that can hep them learn the infrastructure.

I think a single veto or two can be a nice addition to the Matchmaker. Same can be found in sc2 and wc3. Besides: how does the map pooling work? Do both players need to be 1800+at the time of clicking the find game button to have access to the 1800+ pool? Like im currently 1750 or something but really enjoy the bigger maps so maybe i should gain some rating?

Pool bracket is decided by the player with the lowest rating.

So there were like 10 games last week on the big ladder pool?

If only 10 involved 1800+ players sure.

I was sort of volunteering myself for the task. I would be more keen if given a general plan and some devs to bounce off.

@FtXCommando said in Ladder Rotation/System Comments:

Pool bracket is decided by the player with the lowest rating.

I watch the majority of 1800+ ladder replays and this isn't how it's coded. Example from 11 hours ago (that won't launch for me):

Edit: use this search code and you'll find a bunch of them. Including games where neither player is over 1800 and the 1800 pool has activated, eg:

("*z-d rasty*","*desert planet*","*arcane*","*seraphim glaciers*","*emerald crater*");featuredMod.technicalName=="*1*";playerStats.player.ladder1v1Rating.rating=lt="1800"

@FemtoZetta said in Ladder Rotation/System Comments:

Take a look at this:

That’s not really related to the FAF client/ladder itself. That’s a function for tourney players and casters themselves. Since tournaments don’t operate with varied pools by rating range, it doesn’t need to take it into account.

For nemir, if you’re interested pm me next week about it, I’m busy with exams now.

And if the rating brackets are working differently, then there’s a bug. That is how they’re intended to function. I’ll look into it some point in the future.

Well yeah that's obviously what I'm saying, the code is bugged.