Supreme Computer Cup


Hello and welcome to the Supreme Computer Cup! Ever wondered how the various AIs of FAF compare? Well I have, and I'm hosting this tournament to get to the bottom of it. This is a 1v1 round robin BO1 tournament between AIs and AIs and AIs and Players. Every AI will play every player and every other AI on classic FAF maps. AIs will be given 1 point for a win and .5 points for a draw. The AI with the most points wins.

The number of players for this tournament is uncapped and I am especially interested in lower ranked players participating. If you are <1000 or <500 rating, please sign up by posting below.

I am also hoping to get a number of AI devs interested and perhaps some new people interested in AI development. I have linked some resources to help new AI devs get started below. The hope with posting this tournament well in advance of its start date will give new AI devs enough time to create a viable AI. AI devs please sign up with the name of your AI below.

All players will that finish the tournament will receive the Tournament Participant avatar and the winning AI dev will receive a eternal glory and new avatar:

alt text

Date: June 26th
Time: 15:00 UTC
Chat: /join #computercup
Tournament Director: Swkoll

AI Development Resources:

General Rules:

  1. Games are limited to 45 minutes long. Games that go over 45 minutes are considered a draw and participants should move on to the next game.
  2. Games will be played with all default settings except Observers: On
  3. Unlike typical tournaments, draws will be counted as draws and not replayed.
  4. Participants will report results in the #computercup irc channel after each game.

AI Dev Rules:

  1. No cheating AIs (no AIXs). This is to encourage the development of AIs that can compete with human players on an equal footing. For the purpose of this tourney, cheating is considered to be doing anything a player could not theoretically do without cheating themselves (ie resource bonuses, map vision cheats, banned exploits). There is no restriction on the apm of your AI.
  2. AI Devs are limited to 1 AI for the entire tournament.
    3. AI Devs (or someone else they designate) must be available the day of the tournament to manage their AI through the AI vs AI matches and troubleshoot any issues.
  3. Final AI versions must be uploaded to the vault on or before June 25th at 23:59 UTC, modifications after this point must have the approval of a Tournament Director.
  4. AI devs can choose which faction their AI will play for each map or have it play all random.

Would you like to contribute a prize pool for this tournament?
You can donate via Paypal to support this tournament.

Map Pool:
Cobalt Valley
Summer Duel
Theta Passage - FAF version

Open Palms - FAF version
Polar Depression
Saltrock Colony

Crossfire Canal - FAF version
Emerald Crater
Point of Reach v4

Human sign ups:

  1. Askaholic
  2. NapSpan
  3. veteranashe

AI Sign ups:

  1. RNG AI (creator relentless)
  2. AI-Swarm (creator Azraeel)
  3. Skouby AI (creator Skouby)
  4. Dalli AI (creator Softles)
  5. Usevo AI (creator Uveso)

You can mark me as interested as a player Swkoll unless I end up converting SCTA AI to use regular Supcom Factions before the tournament


I'm keen to have my AI playing in it. Though I'm in a terrible timezone so will will need to recruit someone for the support side of it.

I did a quick round of map testing and found issues with these two maps
Open Palms
Regor VI Highlands

Open Palms has land pathing issues. The default path markers and the Uveso generator make the AI think they can walk to the two side mass point areas but they can't. Would need adjusted pathing markers done.
Regor VI Highlands has 2 mass points that are too close to the map border so the AI can't build mass points on that. (lower right half of the map and upper left half of the map is where the two mass points live).

Both are great maps though from a gameplay perspective.


Iโ€™d play against some ais. Although I canโ€™t promise Iโ€™ll remember that I posted this 2 months from now.

This post is deleted!

@relentless I've swapped out regor for polar depression, hopefully that map is likely to work. I'd like to keep Open Palms in because it is such a classic 10x10, but if other AI devs would like it swapped I'd be open to it.


@askaholic Cool, I'll ping you when the tournament is closer.


@Swkoll Just some you may want to check if all the maps you have selected have propper Ai Markes to make this some what fair


AI-Swarm will be entering this tournament hopefully.
Hopefully I will have another very large update before this tournament. Although I dont know if I'll be here for such tournament as I might be going on vacation for the summer. If I'm not then I guess find someone to support me, but idk if I'll even remember 2 months down the road.


Uuh, sign me in!


Sign me up and I will get back to the ai dev ^^ hopefully I will have one for the tourney ^^


I'll sign an AI up, a new one if I can get it working or just Dilli otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚


Quite far out but I should be able to join in, might pm me when it gets close as a reminder


Just an update for the tournament, we are still looking for lots of players who might be interested!

We are also changing the AI vs AI component of the tournament to use a tool that Softles wrote to automate the AI vs AI games. This means AI devs are no longer required to be around to control their AIs. If this was a sticking point for your participation, you are always welcome to sign up now.


My automated AI testing tool can be found here:

Feedback/suggestions welcome ๐Ÿ™‚


@swkoll said in Supreme Computer Cup:

AI devs are no longer required to be around to control their AIs

That's great.
Am I still needed to sign in my AI ?

My AI would be happy to play with AI friends ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: The marker issue on open palms is fixed in v93 (already released).


I need to drop, because my work scheduled me on Saturday's now.