Cybran Frigates


Uef is best cruiser


Sera is best cruiser

It's like people disagree on things


@Tagada said in Cybran Frigates:

they have better t2 navy and god forbid if it goes to t3 (unlikely).

Not sure why you're suggesting uef rapes cybran in the t3 navy stage


Because on maps that are played on ladder (POR, Roanoke, Pizza) if you loose ground in the ocean you loose a lot of mexes and map control. Considering that an UEF t3 navy switch is extremely deadly with their BC + Shield boat combo that absolutely desrroys any t2 navy extremely efficently forcing enemy to either give up ground or take unfavourable trades. So if both UEF and Cybran switch to t3 at similar timings UEF gets huge tempo advantage with its BC's and once 2-3 are out and cybran gets their BS's to the front finally you switch to summit production without having to yield so much territory while still have more map control and more income. Another thing is that UEF can easily snipe cybran cruisers with BC's and kill cybran navy with torps.


cybran bs's are only 1k mass more expensive than a bc and have only 1 less speed, so no you don't get 2-3 neptunes on the frontlines before the cybran has its first bs arrive. If you don't think this is true then the same argument can be used for the summit switch since summits are painfully slow and the initial investment is way higher. Also you should factor in how obese barracuda's are vs uef in early t3 stage since you often don't have the luxury to build coopers if you're rushing t3 navy. It's pretty easy to suicide some barracuda's in to kill early shieldboats before a critical clump of them is on the field. Sniping cruisers with bc's shouldn't really be a thing if you play it properly and keep don't charge your cruiser in with the rest of your navy.

All in all bc's can be absolutely obese, mostly vs t2 navy, in a well done push but aren't great vs bs's barracuda's and on open enough maps they can get easily swarmed by t1/t2 navy if ur not paying attention properly (i've seen enough sadboy thau bc pushes). I'm not saying UEF is weak or some shit, i value their navy higher than cybran navy, but to say that cybran gets absolutely clapped by them in the t3 stage is just completely wrong.


You are right and I used wrong wording there, I edited my post.


buffing the uef frigate would be game breaking in combination with uefs shield boat and late game t3 ships / hover units