Change UEF bubble shield

DISCLAIMER I am a 600, so this might be a bad idea 🙂

Add a toggle for the UEF shield so you can have a bubble shield, or turn it into a personal shield.

Don’t think a toggle is really that great. It would really only be useful because bubble is really bad so if you accidentally make it you could just toggle if off.

Would be cool if the personal shield -> bubble maybe got reversed.

Bubble could function as a mobile stationary shield for UEF that OC cannot easily penetrate so you can keep some mongoose squad with your ACU or something. Then, once heavy t3 hits the field you would probably switch to personal shield in order for additional survivability on your ACU against heavy alpha damage bots.

Would of course need a lot of consideration for the costs and hp given by the bubble shield. Certainly make it function more as an early t2 upgrade while keeping the personal shield as a late t2-early t3 one or maybe even increasing the cost of the personal shield slightly alongside a slight hp buff.

Bubble shield kinda sucks as your always taking damage in it, I've heard you can keep some Percy's next to you shelded but yet to try that