Save matches to continue later

Hi there,

I normally play against the AI as i have limited time to play due to family commitments but i wanted to see if it is possible to save matches to continue after using the FAF system like how you could use the old steam version on Skirmish matches.

I believe it is possible IF you play FAF in offline mode (which I think means you have to be the only human player in the match, there's no way to play with friends when you are in offline mode).

Pause and minimize lol

Is it possible to play the co-op maps offline similarly (but solo)? E.g. playing the original supcom with FAF rules, but without needing to go via the FAF online client

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@maudlin27 Yes. There are instructions at the link that I provided above. You have to download the coop files with the online client and you have to start your offline client with a "command line switch" (" /init init_coop.lua")

Sorry was being stupid - I'd opened your link but must've stopped at the file location and forgot to go back to it to read the rest of the text

When you setup the game make the speed adjustable and then increase it a bit in game, +1 or +2 is barely noticeable in terms of getting things done but will conclude the game signifigantly quicker.