FAF Quality Assurance (QA) Team Leader


FAF Quality Assurance (QA) Team Leader

FAF is looking to appoint someone to ensure the quality of new FAF client releases. Even with our current methods of testing, it's oft the case that unnoticed bugs and other such issues sneak into the FAF client due to our limited resources.

The QA leader (and team) would provide a second layer of defense against unwanted issues, and be able to approve/veto new updates for release to the public. To this end, the QA leader would do the following:

1. Maintain and Manage the current testing team.
Find new volunteers for the testing teams on FAF, and direct them to where the need for testing is most pressing.
Instruct or create tutorial content to help onboard new contributors to the FAF github and Development client. Ensure they're testing the right software as defined by your strategy.

2. Create and Coordinate strategies to test new releases.
Define critical functions and actions undertaken by users on the client, and reconfirm if those functions are working over the span of new releases. Ensure new features are properly functioning on a number of different use cases. Delegate these tasks among your testing teams and sign off on a bug free release.

3. Report issues to the Lead developer.
Gain commenting rights on github and highlight issues as shown by your testing. Approve new changes for release to the public.

If being the Leader of the QA team interests you, please contact Sheikah to further discuss the details of the role.