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Hey (as per my discord PM)

what's the status update on this?

As @Askaholic said it's ready to go. it's been two weeks. this is kinda painful to have this much of a delay on things that are pretty much done and ready to go.


Hey @tatsu, thanks for informing me again but as we discussed in PMs, I am already aware that adding mapgen to map pools is supported. Whether you ask me privately or post about it publicly does not change the fact that I will not suddenly change the map pool in the middle of a ladder rotation.


oh, ok I wasn't made aware that's what it was. thanks!


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Btw the random maps are supported in map pools now. Y’all can put them in if/when ever you please.

Can you tell me how to enable this? I only see the default maps. Furthermore, is it possible to play only random generated maps in the matchmaking?


People responsible for map pools need to put it in as a "map" in the rotation that the server can launch.



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It's simply astouding. Most of the 1v1 10x10 maps generated with the "tournament" setting are better than most ladder maps. It feels a lot like AoE2. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing generated maps on ladder.

Would it be possible to have some 10% chance of getting a brand new mapgen map on ladder?

Thanks to the work of our amazing devs behind the scenes, Mapgen is now available as a map to be added to ladder. As a result, 1v1 Ladder now includes Mapgen as one of the maps in each of the map sizes: 5x5, 10x10, and 20x20. Get laddering!


Holy Smokes!


got a map gen first try!



Wonderful, now I'll play more ladder.
I hope we'll have the option to queue for a pool/ladder of just map gen in not too long : )


@archsimkat Thanks so much! can we do 2v2 as well?


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With regards to tmm, I see no need for implementing map gen in those formats. Most reasonings here hold no real sway because:

  1. Tons of new maps that saw near zero competitive play exist for these formats
  2. The format has hardly exists long enough for map fatigue to set in
  3. Map gen itself is a lot less tested for these formats

Got a few mapgen maps in the pool so far, and got a lot that look like this:


This is really low quality, and I know the mapgen can do a whole lot better than this. I would strongly urge the ladder team to work on agreed upon settings that create as interesting maps AS POSSIBLE. This is not a good look for the usage in ladder if this kind of content repeats.


I've only had gotten 2 so far on ladder.(small sample size, obviously. Take with grain of salt) Got a 5x5 and 20x20, both were quite reasonable in terms of how they looked and how they played. Saw a 10k map Swkoll had generated as well, looked fun as well, but snowball potential was high. So far I am impressed with map gen in ladder, but I haven't gotten anything bad yet so YMMV.


Quite happy with mapgen. For me it's not a problem to have a "meh" map once a while, i'm quite confident that the diversity of maps layout will eventually offset that once you will have played more.


Sounds like I have been quite unlucky thus far... lame! Per the conversation that started this post I’ll be giving it a little more time to evaluate. I kind of got discouraged after 3 meh maps!


there're some layouts that need rework yes,i got about 120 games by now on mapgen and most feel different from the classic BO whoring where there is almost no difference between boosted and good players since there're just op tactics and the ability to adapt just gets erased completely,overall most of the land 10x10-blind-10 players feel ok and quite active,way better as t3 mex simulator tbh x)

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:


I like mapgen and hardffa a lot in ladder. I have more fun on even the worst mapgen maps than I do on most of the authored maps in the pool.


I just love playing on mapgen maps! It feels like a whole new dimension to the game.


I also enjoyed the showmatch vs Petric even though it had some bugs for the unexplored mode. In general I do absolutely think that mapgen should become the standard in future tournaments and in general the standard for competition. It takes the game back to economic and strategic decisions and does not allow you to patch up bad on-the-fly decisions with studying 25 replays and spending hours creating 25 BOs.

Ban Anime


Yeah the minor quirks that I do get (1 pixel of sea in the corner of the map, so random!!) are in no way game breaking and generally the layouts and mass distribution is just amazingly good for interesting and dynamic gameplay.

why only 10-12% of chance to get mapgen, may I ask?