Cast Curator

It would be great if someone could send me regular good-quality casts with well-forumulated summaries. Anyone who watches lots of casts can do this ... I used to watch 20 casts a week but those days are over - who can help?

The casts will be featured on newshub, ideally we would have 1-2 a week.

Are you wanting full fledged videos with commentary or a list of replay ID's that could potentially make for interesting casts?

I want links to existing casts made by good casters. So each week you would say 'this jagged cast stood out it was a great game and give me some words to use in the description that makes it interesting without spoiling. "This 2v2 match goes wrong when someone thought restorers counter czars" or "check out this 4v4 nomads team game and see watch nomads crush at the t3 stage".

I wasn't asking for replays - I am asking for casts to feature. The community puts out a dozen casts a week - i want to feature the good ones.

How does one apply for this?

hey sledge, wanna come chat to me on discord?