Why would you have left FAF?


Can we get the country flag removed, currently it's difficult as a south african based player to join custom games as the hosts (mostly russians, then the germans) kick you because of either A) they think you have a bad internet connection because the elephants in the streets are too slow with helping the giraffes maintain a fast connection, as in its a third world country so everything must be bad/primitive (but I've seldom triggered the high ping indicator bar in the lobby), or B) there is strong racism/prejudice because you as a player is supposedly a black nigger and they don't want to play with black/african people, will have to save screenshots next time as I only stumbled onto this thread just now while searching for hiding the country flag.

At the current rate there is no point for me to continue playing since I'm not welcome, I don't have the time to join lobbies, wait around, and then get kicked when it's full because of [country] reasons (all those dual gap maps titled "all welcome" are a lie). Need around anything between 5-8 join/kick lobbies on busy times before I get a host willing to let me play, the quiet times feels like its grudgingly accepted because there is no other player joining to make the game full (I get swapped to the hosts opposing team). And it's not exactly a cheap and easy solution to buy a plane ticket to europe or north america so that I can change my country flag and not get kicked in lobbies.



The "all welcome" lobbies all being a lie is definitely a problem and racism should of course never be excused.

Sadly, there is actually a non-racism related issue why many Germans can't play with many players in South Afrika:
Some of the most popular German ISPs throttle their connection speed to South Afrika to such an extent, that the game becomes straight up unplayable. Nobody knows why they do it, but afaik there is nothing the customer can do directly to lift that restriction.

I, as a customer of such an ISP myself, couldn't join any lobbies with South Africans in them due to that for the longest time.

Giving the Russians the benefit of the doubt (maybe a mistake, but whatever), I'd assume that they have a similar problem.

My working solution is to just use a free VPN. It's not perfect and does increase your ping by like 50 ms. But it turns the game from "literally unplayable lag fest" to "pretty good". I'd recommend Proton VPN, but many others are available.

If you want to do a connection test with a German having such a shitty ISP, just pm me and we can hop into a test game.


@CheeseBerry said in Why would you have left FAF?:

and racism should of course never be excused.

just FYI racism is not excused on FAF. if you see it you can report it and that person will be banned.

@MT_Switch I don't think removing the country flag is an acceptable solution, unfortunately.

We could try adding a co-turn server like we did for Australia. that really made a world of difference.

you'd have to create a gofundme for that though.


Watch game 14118000 and see what's wrong with faf, make sure to watch till the end. Watch from my perspective so you get all the good map pings

and there is no way to report anymore, try it yourself


If you have client 1.4.2 there is also a button to report games from the replay in the vault.


Link takes me back to the home page on the phone and the computer.

I'll try in the client I should have the updated one


On the website you have to log in first. But it should work on the client



No need to report it. I watched the replay and will take appropriate action.


i recently came back from quiting faf along time ago, the only way to rank up for my new account was to play endless toxic gap games and having my rank bounce all over the place, then I was treated like segregated player for being gray and or having 2 high a rank for amount of games, then I was constantly booted because i was 2 low of a rank by 1.1k+ players, then i was banned for a week for shittalking high rank players that are literally awful at the game but have stacked matches or just so many games played they inflate their rating and sink the entire team when they cant measure up. nobody plays extreme wars or 64 acus anymore nobody plays phantom, or versus survival, its literally a 15 minute ladder wait for a map filled with rocks or gap games sprinkled with wonder setons and the desert map for a coin toss between 800-1600 rank team games if you get someone whos awful and throws the entire game. why would anyone stay for that 😛


@humanpotatoe said in Why would you have left FAF?:

the only way to rank up for my new account was to play endless toxic gap games

the ... ONLY ... way?

You can host your own games.

and when you do you can pick any other map.

and when you do, trust you me, it'll fill. not in a billionth of a second... ok... but it'll fill... at worst in a minute, on average in 25 seconds.

I'm just trying to help here.

We think gap is a plague, you think gap is a plague. good. let's get you out of there.


Best way to not play gap, is to not play gap.

If there is no good games on at my time I play a coop with just me

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

tmm (2v2 queue) ranking disappear.. I mean, I don't play only for increasing my ranking, BUT the feelings of improving is something every human get satisfied by and just have your improvements disappear and having to start from scratch could be a reason to quit FAF.


The 2vs2 rating was reset but there was an error which caused it to be 0 instead of basing it initially on your Global Rating. The fix is done and will be deployed soon.


@tatsu i dont think you understand, below 1k rank 1/10 games is not gap and the players cant function very well so you get 5 minute steamroll matches half the time and everyone because of the rating system gets toxic blaming and screaming, if you do get to 1k rank everyone in non gap games will racistly kick you constantly saying your a gapper or saying that you dont have enough total games and your gray. ----when you finally do get into more normal matches half the players with high ratings are terrible and will drive down your rank by throwing the game constantly. dieing to guncom, mercy, and t2 bomber snipes over 1200 rank in first 10 minutes is embarrassing and constant which causes more toxic blaming. all of this goes back to the rating system and how it works at the beginning going all over the place, and then later on when it doesn't want to move and you get rusty players and teamstackers with 500+ rating points higher than they can play at


@humanpotatoe let me tell you one secret only high rated players understand. Once you are high rated, you don’t care about all the shit you just mentioned. You are just good enough to foresee all the bullshit, prepare for it and deal with it and compensate for it. Far is a hard game, lower rated team members are one of the harder aspects of it.


Without having a rating for each map, which would be impossible, you cannot fix those problems.

Best thing to do is start cracking down on toxic players with bans.

Game got thrown? It's a game......


@humanpotatoe what bennis means is that on your end you should be perfectly able to match up with higher players and just play.

if they join your host that means that they are willing and perfectly happy. don't take the toxics to be the spokespeople of the entire community, they're not.

in fact you'll quickly find that statistics disagree with them.

people will join your hosts and play with you.

Host it, try it and you'll see. also step out of your comfort zone a bit, try more frontal and aggressive spots, these spots have less responsibility tied to them.

everyone that was playing in the team gets the same amount of victory points even if they were dead when the team finally wins.

which is why sometimes sacrifices can be acceptable. I get the feeling you've been mostly playing slots where sacrifices wern't acceptable.

anyways I get your pain. bottom line is we've all obviously been where you are now. and we've found ways to break the cycle and are trying to help others break out too.