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I could pinpoint it to "Start with Player Colors on". If that is selected, every unit in the game will be black after a new game. Friend and Enemies. That was 100% not the case before the last patch(s). I reinstalled the mod again to be sure.

It saved me for every game two thankful clicks, because I always play with those colors enabled.

If they can not reproduce that bug in that way, then something is really odd.



Nice work. And presumably team colors itself is fine if you do it manually?


@magge You can right click this button:


That opens up this:


Where you can enable it by default too.

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OMG, I did not know you can right-click this icon. I changed the default colors. Thanks Jip.


I did not know this either

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@jip Are you kidding me?! I've been using this mod for months, also use player colors as my default setting, and only now do I learn about that setting to fix the black-icons bug. Thank you!



I noticed an issue when ui party's "watch units" is on:

  • select a unit
  • give it a multi-step patral queue using shift
  • sometimes, after finishing the queue and releasing shift, the patrol icon on the mouse cursor remains active

If you dont notice that, your next click breaks your patrol queue you just made and the unit(s) start to patrol to where you last clicked. I am not sure if other queued commands might be affected as well.

I could reproduce this with just ui party and common mod tools being active ... no other mods. Just the ACU is enough to reproduce.

  • ui party 15
  • common mod tools 1 (10/10/16)

Any ideas how to fix that? Thx.


Any ideas how to fix that? Thx.

Dont use UI party

My github repo with UI Mods


Yeah ... indeed, but other suggestions for keep using it?


Hey there.

I can't reproduce the issue - do you get it when there is only a commander on the map and no other units. I have seen things like that before over the years but it is rare and I haven't heard many complaints.

How frequently can you replicate the issue?
Can you replicate the issue and send me a log file? And your game.prefs file.

Maybe I can find a clue in there.


Hi nine2,

with this issue, I run into it every game multiple times. But I use patrol a lot over attack move.

Reproduced it now with just a commander and a game with only common mod tools + ui party. In ui party the mod is enabled, watch units was on and start units in ground fire mode as well.

The 7th queued patrol I made reproduced it. See between 00:23 seconds and 00:25 seconds. Game id #19097091.

PS: It reproduces as well with only common mod tools + notifications 5.2 on under the same conditions.


I cant find how to upload files here or send them to you. You can find both files here:



There was nothing in the log, and I can't reproduce with your game.prefs

Could you send a video showing the issue? I don't think I'm going to be able to figure this out 😞


Find 2 videos reproducing it + the 2 game logs on the above share.

  • increase the sound volume to hear my voice ... it is pretty silent
  • notice that there are only 2 mod loaded (common mod tools + ui party)
  • I forgot to show the ui party settings in the videos ... there is a screenshot as well for that