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RE: A community effort on a map layout

Looks great. Don't need heightmap "lines". Just set
white-opacity = heightmap-y-percent

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LANFest April 2021

LANFest are enquiring if we wish to help them raise money for charity. Is there a TD and two casters who are interested in picking this up? Besides the charity, FAF might get some publicity. This is the message received from tachyon:

LANFest would like to partner with the FAF Community to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network with a streamed and produced tournament, likely Saturday April 17th at 5p PST.

It would involve mutual social media / marketing pushes, and some hosts and casters from FAF.

My thoughts were to do a few 4v4 Seton's Clutch showcase matches with giveaways (likely CPU's or keyboards/mice) to participants, but I'm open to ideas. Definitely thinking something more open and accessible and fun than a hardcore tournament, to encourage anyone that likes blowing up robot armies to participate.
We would need at least two casters and someone to help design the tournament. My role would be communication with the LANFest volunteers and production team.

I'm still waiting to hear back if Children's Miracle network will do a mutual social media push agreement as well.

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RE: Russian Newshub

Can someone please translate the opening post.

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RE: A community effort on a map layout

Oh. You already replied to that thread ages ago. Oops

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RE: A community effort on a map layout

This is where i was discussing the strategic overlay idea

Basically we would generate a decal that shows

  • whiteness based off height, showing hills and valleys
  • redness based on impassable terrain

The decal would only show when you are zoomed out. This would allow the user to digest a new map quicker.

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RE: FAF League Invitational Series

If anything Swkoll's system is the closest thing we have to ESL system. Firstly they have 200$-100$-50$ spread for 1st through 4th places which is a decent enough motivation for most people but just isn't anything FAF can provide on a weekly basis. That gives enough incentive to play them regularly and not feel like it's a brutal grind. They also only give only 10 pts for 1st and 5 pts for placing 2nd.

And here's the prize pool for seasonal (winter-spring-summer-fall) ESL tourneys which they have one per region + a global one with the finalists of the regionals for about half as many ESL points. This one is for the European region.

alt text
This goes on until 37-44th place which give 3 points.

Heromarine is the most successful ESL Open Cup "farmer" ahead of anyone from any server by a landslide with 26 1st places and 9 2nd places and summed up they only give him 305 points which is about as much as you get for placing 3rd in a single seasonal regional ESL tourney. Heromarine himself has been placing ~4th in all of them. And this is just ESL seasonals which basically are the equivalent of what Swkoll has been hosting for faf since last year. Every other tournament also gives EPT points relative to its size and prestige, just like Swkoll is giving points for winning tournaments hosted by anyone that isn't him.

Now I love watching ESL open cups but I wouldn't ever want sc2 players to be forced to grind every week to gain acknowledgement they already have and ESL does a great job at it by giving only a small portion of EPT points to these tournaments but still enough for the 2nd-3rd rate pros to compete for.

All this is to say that I think Swkoll already has a good system and I don't see why you should reinvent the wheel, ladder league could and should be made relevant but not the the extent where you are placing arbitrary grind requirements on players who really don't need to prove their skill. The only question is how many invites to give vs how many qualifier places but even that can be adjusted by changing the tournament size overall.

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RE: Russian Newshub

Maybe you are right Bennis, I was trying to keep the language simple.
Also, I was thinking the right person might be motivated by "i wanna do that for my community".

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RE: Reveal positions v.2 [UI]

Looks nice.

  • Would be nice if it autodisabled in a 1v1. It is not useful in ladder.
  • Would be nice if it was only on 1 screen. It appears on both of my monitors, which is not useful to me.
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RE: Nvidia driver performance problem

Update, the devs will incorporate the NVidia fix in the next game patch. In the meantime use the "Nvidia fix" UI Mod - found in the mod vault.

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