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RE: Ping After Death - Could be Removed

@arma473 said in Ping After Death - Could be Removed:

If you eliminate pings when you're zoomed out, and only in rare circumstances when someone is zoomed in will they see the pings, that probably solves 99% of the problem

How often are people even zoomed in, and when they are, how often would someone be pinging that exact spot?

Quite a bit actually (in reference to the zoomed in). A lot of the lower level players don’t really zoom out as much as it’s difficult to control.

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RE: Real shard buff: Hover Ship

Not sure about the not so subtle change of speed that it would require though

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RE: Map Gen Week Feedback Thread

Placing this feedback here from Tex as it’s quite detailed:

@Tex said in “Introducing MapGen Week on Ladder”

I thought mapgen week was fun, but would not want to see it done for a period longer then a week. The last day or two was a little tedious. That being said, would be excited to see it kick off the first 5 days of any month.

My two cents on the whole build whoring issue: What most people below 2k ladder think build whoring is, is just the other player having decent macro and a basic opener. That will not change regardless of if you play mapgen or not. I only know builds for a small handful of maps. Palms, badlands, and loki come to mind. The rest i just improvise on the spot.

A good build should make sure that you plan to build only as much power as you need, more mex/reclaim on map means more power, so plan ahead. Engis should expand quickly, and you should have an early tank or two screen for your expanding engis. Thats all there is to it. If you are wasting power (or god forbid, mass) in the first 5 minutes, thats not the result of a bad build, but of poor macro. That will be the same on mapgen or any custom map. Its a skill that needs to be developed.

Buildwhoring would be the tagada/nexus level creations. The secret badlands build, or any other build that requires you to have planned out engi reclaim/pathing to the absolute second, giving you a clear goal of a faster transport, bomber, or getting 2 factories ahead of your opponent by minute 5 due to cutting pgens or skipping mass extractors. It would be map specific, and have 0 power overflow with mass/energy storage at ~10% for the first 5 minutes.

If its something that can be done on any map, its not build whoring, its good macro. If its something that you can plan in the first 15 seconds by pulling up the reclaim field on the map and sending an engi to the nearest rock/wreck, its just good macro. If it truly was a build order whore, the player would be up in the land of 2k.

I say all of this not to antagonize or beat anyone down, but to help people try to understand how to better improve on their end. 90% of the people i train (or used to when i had more time), their biggest issues were their macro decisions. Not micro/gameplan choices. People up to 1600-1700 still spam t1 pgens in a line with 2-3 engis for the first 10 minutes, leaving their power management decided by the gods, regardless of the map. Once you have a decent understanding of the macro in this game, then you can start to learn how to really play it. Its really hard to outsmart people when they have 2-3x the stuff that you do. Its much easier to win when you have more tanks.

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RE: Ping After Death - Could be Removed

@ftxcommando said in Ping After Death - Could be Removed:

I’d be satisfied with the option to just blanket remove all markers and pings from the game (on your own screen) or even better an option to selectively mute those from certain players same as you can mute their text chat. If we can agree that a dude can be SO annoying that muting his in game chat is warranted, how does that not extend to chat markers of copy pasted quran quotes or lenny faces?

(Also they are annoying and provide 0 benefit except to irritate the shit out of you by pinging stuff you noticed 4 minutes ago)

That is not always true. I have had people ping events I was unaware of and stopped a possible game-ending attack…

Yes, it can be abused and annoying, and if that happens then report the player? It may not be an exact rule break but I’m certain moderation would not be anything other than willing to ask someone to kindly be considerate of the two individuals involved cannot resolve matters on their own.

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RE: Ping After Death - Could be Removed

I sincerely think disabling pings & markers for dead players should not be done. There are so many other avenues to cheat in terms of what the change is trying to "fix" if observers are on, not to mention by having observers on in the first place you knowingly open that box anyway and risk players leaking information about the game.

To be honest this change feels quite absurd to me and I'm amazed it even progressed so far that it is live in fafdevelop now. The pros for the change are almost negligible, meanwhile removing pinging and helping your teammates once dead is a core feature of the game supcom players and the community have used every day for years and years now.

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RE: Ping After Death - Could be Removed

After reading the comments and discussing with people in private I think it seems quite clear that you can still “cheat” outside of the game using client chat or voice. Since this solution will remove what is supposed to be s a helpful feature, I’m inclined to say this update should be rejected.

Anyone else have a say in the matter?

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RE: Questions about performance

I didn't change the explosion fx, just the decals

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